Azael Langa's journey through 3D Virtual Reality Technology

Who Am I?

Art is not a day job or a career, it is a lifestyle. I believe my art should consume my daily life. I am never not an artist.
Using the medium of smoke, I interpret my emotional and physical surroundings. Working from my own experiences, i bring an authentic quality to my work. As i try to control and guide a medium, which moves rapidly with its own intentions and life force; i began to grasp what it means to attempt to control our own lives in a world with its own agenda.
The concepts i delve into speak of socio-political issues. I see myself as an activist. An activist for those cast out of society's normality. I focus on that which is out of sight and thus out of mind.

Azael is a practising artist and an entrepreneur, August House studios, Johannesburg South Africa.

Langa has participated in art fairs locally and internationally and featured in several galleries around South Africa, he also does outreach programs and charity work including a charity auction in New York in 2015.

Azael works reflects the socio-political reality through various mediums including smoke drawing, an art form he has mastered to be his signature medium.

He draws from the literal and symbolic imagery about topical issues in the rich South African discourse. Azael’s work is a socially sensitive yet politically transformative communiqué reflecting dreams, challenging beliefs thereby confronting our state of natural being.

His pieces are a meaningful interrogation of subjects that define our existential reality, with in-depth unstated narrative in the instantly recognizable simply expressed to evoke sentimentality.

His work is sought after by passionate collectors and art enthusiasts around the world.

The SABC's Morning Live interview's Azael Langa about his solo exhibition